Basket of Daffodils •   Daffodils 10 varieties start July to mid Sept. Some for cut flowers others for garden display. Bulbs lifted and available in January/Feb/ March.

•   Bearded Iris 200 named varieties/colours flowering begins mid Sept to Mid November.

Gardens open for viewing by appointment. Selected varieties of potted iris available for sale.

Christmas Trees

There is nothing like the smell of a real live Christmas Tree! We have over a thousand beautifully hand shapes tree to choose from each year. We take the hard work out of getting a real live Christmas tree, no need to bring a saw as we do the cutting for you! Customers tell us with so many trees to choose from the hardest thing is selecting which tree they want. Farm open Last Weekend in November 9am to 5pm every weekend, weekdays 3pm to 6pm. click here for more information


•   Raspberries,    •    Boysenberries,   •   Thornless Blackberries,    •   Young Berries,   •   Logan Berries    •   Mulberries

Stone Fruit

•   Apricots (4 varieties) •   Nectarine Yellow & White (5 varieties) •   Peaches (10 varieties) •   White Peaches – Fragar Variety •  Plums


•   Pears •   Nashi•   Quince •


•   Galaxy •   Gala •   Gravenstien •   McIntosh Red •   Red Jonathon •   Abbas •   Red Delicious (of which we have 7 different cultivars) •   Braeburn •   Fuji •   Coxes Orange Pippin •   Granny Smith •   Pink Lady •   Sundowner


•   Lemons •   Limes •   Mandarins •   Oranges •   Grapefruit•   Pomellos•   Tangarines •   Tangelos •   Cumquats


•   Watermelons •   Rockmelons •   HoneyDew •   Preserving / Jam Melon

Gourmet and Heirloom Pumpkins

Tractor and Pumpkins A Tractor load of pumpkins

Picking from December through to May. Many shapes, sizes, colours and flavours available subject to seasonal variation. Grammas ripen late March.

Seasonal Vegetable

•   Beans •   Zucchini •   Dutch Cream Potatoes •   Garlic •   French Shallots

Superfruit Fruit Jellies and Spreads

•   Apple Jelly •   Quince Jelly •   Apple and Rhubarb Jelly


•   Banana Pasionfruit •   Black Passionfruit •   Pomegranates •   Pepinos •   Rhubarb •   Loquats

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