Top Forty Orchard is located just outside the village of Oakdale on the beautiful scenic drive along Burragorang Road to Burragorang Lookout which over looks the southern section of Lake Burragorang and the Greater Blue Mountains World heritage Area.[link to cartoscope maps perhaps]

The property is 40 acres (16 hectares) in size and sits atop a ridgeline at a height of 520 meters above sea level at the highest point. Nestled on three sides by National Park land and with approximately ten acres of bushland to the rear which encompasses a wet weather creek and dry (sclerophyll) eucalypt forests.

Top Forty Orchard was named by Leo Rideout as it was the highest forty acre block of land in Oakdale and he believed the best farmland with a good aspect, well drained sandy soil and a perfect climate for an orchard to produce top quality fruit.

The farm has approximately 25 acres under production which includes, plantings of Fruit trees, Vegetable plots and Christmas Tree Plantations as well as five acres of landscaped gardens featuring 200 named varieties of Bearded Iris.

Due to the elevation we experience four definite seasons which is an advantage when cultivating a large variety of fruit and vegetables. Winter brings heavy frosts on most parts of the property and even the occasional light fall of snow. This has proved to be the perfect conditions for Apple (Pome fruit) and Stone fruit growing particularly certain varieties of European Plums which require more cold days and lower temperatures (chill units) than other varieties to achieve good production.In some areas of the property we have the advantage of having some microclimates (warmer areas) which enable us to grow Passionfruit and Citrus varieties that are damaged by frosts.

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